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Whether speaking to young kids or in a corporate setting, Maritza is able to cater her story to fit your needs. Her delivery and positive energy is unmatched. Her story will surely inspire everyone to never give up.

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What better way to get people excited to learn how to swim, than to bring in an Olympic swimmer who's defied the odds and broken down barriers. Send us a few details about your event and we will work on getting Maritza to your event!



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Maritza's personality shines through on camera and radio as she shares her journey and tells you why she's so passionate for her communities to learn how to swim at any age. Get her on your schedule by contacting us now.

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Articles and 

Class Projects

Need a quick quote, an interview, or help with a class project, she's ready to answer your questions. Let us kow what you need and when.



Maritza is a wife, a mom, an Olympic history maker, and has the work ethic of a champ. She's here to champion your brand to the next level. Send us some details and we will be in touch soon.

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